Good Food, Good Times in Congo Grille

If you are looking for a place where you want to enjoy some good times with friends and family while dining with good food. Then Congo Grille is the perfect place for you. In the past decades, Congo Grille has been the favorite destination for students, young professionals and of course families whether it is to celebrate special occasions, conduct special functions or just chill after a whole day of gruelling work. Not only it got a very relaxing ambiance, Congo Grille has mouth-watering menu ready to be served to you their patrons. Here are just some of their tasty servings.

Kilawin Tanique

For appetizer, they have Kilawin Tanique. A small cut of fish on vinegar, chili and white onions. Not a fan of kilawin but surprisingly this dish serves its purpose to open up your appetite. The spice and acidity is well balanced and compliments the tender cut of Tanigue. Definitely a good intro.

Visayan Pork Adobo

Bicolano Pork Adobo

Main course is served starting with Congo Grille's 2 way Pork Adobo. The order is composed of 2 varieties of Pork Adobo. The Visayan is the closest to the traditional pork adobo we all know, accented with roasted garlic. The Bicolano variety is a Pork Adobo with coconut milk and chili. Bicolano Pork Adobo has a very unique flavor but personally not my cup of tea.

Pinakbet Rice
As an ilocano, Pinakbet is a staple dish in our home. My Lola and Mother's Pinakbet is just the best. So when Congo Grile announced their latest addition on their rice menu, I almost jumped for joy.  Pinakbet rice is a complete meal in itself. Served on a kawali with real vegetables as toppings and rice cooked on Pinakbet sauce. This dish is heaven sent.

Adobong Pusit
When this next dish is served, I was surprised and confused. Because this is not the traditional Adobong Pusit I know. But according to Congo Grille, their Adobong Pusit is a deconstruction of the traditional. In their version, the pusit is breaded and fried to crisp. Then the crispy pusit is served with the usual adobong pusit sauce. It is a different experience from the traditional but the dish do really taste the same other than the additional texture because of the crispy breading.

Lola Marcella's Fried Chicken
And of course Congo Grille has some chicken dish to serve for their patrons. This particular breaded chicken is marimated on a special recipe sauce and coated on sweet potato floor is considered one of their best sellers. And it is boneless, so you don't need to worry about annoying bones and just enjoy your chicken to your heart's content.

Sizzling Stuffed Squid

Pork Sisig
The next two dishes are the favorite pulutan for inuman sessions. The sizzling stuffed squid and pork sisig is best enjoyed while drinking ice cold beer. But if you are just dining with family, they can also be enjoyed with rice and Congo Grille's signature Iced tea.

Congo Mango Bites

Turon de Leche
After pigging out with the main course, it is now time for desserts. And Congo Grille has wide selection of yummy sweets for us sweet lovers to indulge. This time we are treated with Congo Grille's signature Mango bites and Turon de Leche. I can't say anything about the Mango bites. I'm allergic to Mangoes. But according to my friends they are good. The Turon de Leche on othwr hand is awesome. Just like the name says, this Turon is not stuffed with bananas but rather a very delicious custard. Turon de Leche is served with salted caramel syrup and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The combination of hot Turon and cold ice cream is an explosion in your mouth.

These is just a fraction of what Congo Grille can serve you. They have a very diverse menu that you can try. But if you can't choose, try ordering the dishes we tasted. I'm sure, you will never regret it. You will definitely leave Congo Grille with a smile in your face and tummy. Come visit Congo Grille in their newest branch at SM City Masinag. You can also reach them on the following phone numbers for reservations and further inquiries.

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