Carbo Loading with Dunkin Donuts and Don's Original Spanish Churros

It's that time once again for another food adventure in Rizal. This time we will be treated for another food trip but this time it is a bit far from home. It is a good 1 hour drive from Angono but SM City Masinag is a huge surprise for people with big appetite like me. So that is a very tiring trip so we need to replace the energy we used so what's a good place to pack up on carbs but Donuts, Sandwich and Churros.

Who doesn't know Dunkin Donuts? This probably the most famous Donut seller in the country. You will know if a Donut is famous if it is a household stapple among the Filipinos. And theire Donuts can never get old. Look at all those yummies.

And more than the Donuts, Dunkin also serves savoury treats with Bunwich and Croissants. Ranging from Tuna Salad, Bacon and Coleslaw, Chicken and Ham with Cheese.

Of course they also serve both hot coffee and cold iced tea to complete your relaxing experience with Dunkin Donuts.

If you want to experience something from Europe I guess you may try this small stall in SM City Masinag that serves one of Spain's favorite comfort food Churros. Like America's Donuts, Churro is basically also made of dough. But churros has this distinct ridges that make it unique. The dough is fried until the outside becomes crunchy.

Traditionally sugar or cinnamon can be used as coating for churros but Don's played with the concept by introducing cheese powder, barbeque, and sour cream. I know what you are thinking, French fries. Best substitute for fries and calorie intake is slashed in half.

If you want to go plain, you can also try Don's assorted dips from chocolate, bavarian, strawberry, blueberry and more.

If you are in for a carbo loading trip, try Dunkin Donuts and Don's Original Spanish Churros this weekend. They are now open in SM City Masinag and ready to serve you with your friends and family.

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