Jori's Food Trip in Trece Martirez: Republic of Cavite

Its been years since my last trip to Cavite.  I can't even remember it.  It was those times that I'm still carrying my lunch box and water jug in school.  No wonder I already forgotten it.  But last week is a good opportunity where I'm invited to an event hosted by a restaurant in Cavite.

It was a good 2 hours ride from Taft Avenue without Traffic.  Trece Martirez is a third-class city in the province of Cavite, Philippines. The city serves as the seat of government of the Cavite, where many of the provincial government offices are located. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 90,177 people in a land area of 49.10 square kilometers.

As I reached the city, I tried to run as fast as I can since I don't have an umbrella with me.  Its raining hard in Cavite contrast to the sunny weather in Manila.  And after a few minutes of running and walking, I arrived at Republic of Cavite which is located just beside the Trece Martirez City Hall.

On the structure of republic of Cavite, it is evident that the building is a replica of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo's Mansion in Kawit, Cavite.  This shows the vision of the owners to share their customers and patrons Cavite's rich patriotic heritage.

After we are welcomed by the restaurant's staff and crew, we are escorted to the Bulwagang Cuenca for the food tasting.  Joined by other food critics and bloggers, we first took photos of the beautiful presentation of the dishes in the buffet table. One thing that I notice, the menu are so colorfull and they indeed look very delicious.
Thai Fride Rice
Basil Fried Rice
Looks like an ordinary friebd rice but after trying it,
You will know that its more tastier than the Thai Fried Rice.
Deep Fried Fish and Tofu
We kinda have difficulty looking for the fish.
Out of 4 piece, I got all Tofu.  Then we just found out that 
the fish pieces are under the serving that is why
those late comers got the good ones.
Pastel de Lengua
Looks like a Pie but inside is a special meaty treat.
Not really sure what exactly they call this.  
It looks and taste like a Kutsinta.
Lihim ni Lola
The Pride of Town's Delight.  The Violet Rice Cake of Secrets.
You want to know the secret? Go grab one.
  Grilled Eggplant Salad
This is for Veggie Lovers.  Definitely not me hahahaha.
Kinulot na Page
Never tasted a Manta Ray before.  This is the first.
Ginataang Tulingan
I love ginataang dishes.  They said this dish togather with
the Kinulot na Page are all native of Bicol.
Chicken Magnifique
Creamy and Tender.

Adobong Manok Kabitenyo
The favorite and iconic Pinoy food, 
After the taking some shots.  I grabbed a plate and start trying all the dishes and judge it for myself if they taste as good as they look.  Republic of Cavite's menu is served by the long established Town's Delight The Caterer that is already catering food services all throughout Cavite and neighboring province and cities.  The menu is a fusion of  Filipino, American, Chinese and otherAsian dishes that are cooked in Cavitenio way.

Some of my best pick in the menu are Basil Rice, Adobong Manok Kabitenyo and the Pastel de Lengua.  And as a desert I enjoy every piece of Lihim ni Lola and the Maja Blanca.  You might be asking what is Lihim ni Lola.  Lihim ni Lola is that Violet rice cake that looks like an ube.  It may look very ordinary but once you take a bite of it, you will discover the secret.  That is why it is called Lihim ni Lola.

After indulging on good food.  The staff toured us all over the establishment showing us some of the facilities and rooms that the ycan offer to customers who wants to celebrate special occasions on their Restaurant such as Debuts, Weddings, Anniversaries or Corporate and Informal Meetings and Functions.

Other than the food which is no doubt one of the best food I ever tasted, Republic of Cavite is a promising venue for events of celebration and memories plus the historical background of the place adds the spice to this unique experience.  Though I still want to suggest that the management should show a more eye catching signs and posters that will cater more on the food than the restaurant itself since people are more interested on it.

For those who are interested to know more about Republic of Cavite, you can call them on these numbers: (046) 4190088 / 4190177 / 4190515 or email them at and visit their site at

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