My Love Affair with Chinese Food: King Bee

Since 2015, I can't hardly count how often I dined in King Bee. I guess you can say it is a Love at first bite. For me King Bee is so far the best Chinese Restaurant I know. Of course I'm still open to discover other eat destinations but for now, King Bee is definitely on the top of my list. So everytime there is an occasion, King Bee is always an option. But despite dining in King Bee for almost 2 years, I just realized that there are still dishes in their menu that I haven't tried. And just like what I expected, they didn't disappoint me.

Cold Cuts Combination is a mix of soy chicken, soy tofu, barbeque asado, pata hamon,
Beef kinchie. There is also some sea weeds and century egg.

Here's a serving of King Bee's popular chicken dishes, the White Chicken and Soy Chicken.

King Bee's signature Birthday Noodles. It is a staple for chinese families
during birthday celebration because of its color. 

Sauteed Shrimp with saulted egg and brocolli. First time to try
this dish and it is perfect as picka picka or with rice. 

The all-time favorite sweet and sour pork. It may look ordinary but this
is by far one of the best recipe of sweet and sour pork I tasted. Most of the
time, some recipes tend to become too sour or too sweet. This recipe
is well balanced and deliciois.

And of course, a visit in a chinese restaurant is not complete if you don't
pair all those dish above with delicious Yangchow Fried Rice.
King Bee's Yangchow is perfect!!!

And that is why my love affair with King Bee is still going strong after 2 years. Good food and affordable prices is the key. And not to mention the accessibility because now they are opening branches on SM Malls. Just recently they opened in SM City Masinag and SM City North Edsa. So if you are craving for a chinese food feast, just go to the nearest King Bee branch and bring your friends and family to enjoy a wonderful gastronomic experience. Happy eating everyone!

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