SM Center Angono Food Crawl: Sisig Hooray

After that big meal in Giligan's we are treated to another awesome foodie destination that offers something the we already tried. Yes we already tried a Sisig dish from Giligan's but the next stop will be something a bit more special. Because this time we will be indulging in an evolved form of the classic pork dish.

Sisig Hooray is once a humble business venture that started as a stall. But because they captured the market for this tasty dish, Sisig Hooray grew into fully blown fast food chains.

So what is the difference of this version of Sisig to the classic one? The classic Sisig are made mostly from Pork ears or tail and they are grilled to crisp before being chopped and mixed with onions and chili and be fried on a sizzling plate. 

The roasted pork belly before it becomes a Sisig.

This new version is different because instead of pork ears and tail, they use Pork Belly which is more meatier and succulent. It is also not grilled but rather roasted which eliminates the usual bitterness in classic sisigs.

Then the belly is chopped by a crew well trained for the specific job. Oh and they are really good. They can chop the meat along a perfectly tuned beat as if you are witnessing musical performance.

And of course, the other ingredients. Only the best ingredients for the best Sisig in town.

And here is the Sisig they are proud to offer to everyone. That is so mouth watering. I can't wait to dig in to that.

Other than their regular Sisig, they also offers variations of the dish. One meal serves the Sisig with veggies, banana and Tortang Talong. Perfect complement for a pork dish. We all need some veggies to neutralize those fats.

They also have this what they call Lumpiang Sisig. Instead of the usual grounded pork, the fillings are packed with Sisig. That's a Lumpia I'm more than willing to devour.

And if you are with friends or family who don't eat Pork. No problem. Sisig Hooray got you covered. They are also serving Tofu Sisig. It still have the same ingredients including the Chicharon, but you can request to exclude it if you are on a strict diet.

If you want to visit Sisig Hooray in SM Center Angono, you can visit them on the 2nd floor. Definitely a must try for Sisig lovers. And their servings are just the right amoumt to make you full and still beg for more. For mor info about Sisig Hooray, visit their official website.

And we are halfway our food crawl. We are still not over with this foodie adventure we still have 2 more last stop and I can't wait to share the goodies we enjoyed. Stay tuned.

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