SM Center Angono Food Crawl: Giligan's

It's weekend again. It is that time of the week when family and friends get together for some honest to goodness quality time and some food trip. And if you are from this part of the east, it is pleasure that finally we don't need to go and travel to the city just to enjoy some awesome meals we only experience around the metro.

Last week, together with some blogger and media friends. We are fortunate enough to be treated on a food crawl in SM Center Angono to experience new food establishments that will surely satisfy your cravings. Here is our first stop, Giligan's.

Don't be fooled by the name. It may sound foreign, but this themed restaurant serves us some of the tastiest Filipino food from Calderata, Sisig, Kare Kare and Litsong Kawali to name a few.

Giligan's Beef Caldereta. So far the best Caldereta I ever tasted.
An instant favorite and will be my top choice among the dishes they served. 

Seafood lovers will love Giligan's Shrimp and Tofu with an oriental twist.
If you are avoiding meat, this is a perfect dish for you. Satisfying and light.
Expecting that it will be too strong for me but the seasoning has a good balance of flavors. 

We are used to the ordinary Letson Kawali. Giligan's do serve that variety in their menu.
But this one has a different twist on it. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you
Giligan's Binagoongang Letson Kawali with Kangkong. It is like 2 meal in one.
Surprisingly, the Bagoong compliments the juicy pork meet giving the whole dish
a different kick.  

Chicken Salpicao. Not a fan of it. If you have the symphony of dishes I already mentioned above,
having this is a bit out of place. It is not bad though. Probably just not for me.

Giligan's Pork Sisig is a bit tricky. I read some reviews saying that their Sisig is
too bitter. I tasted it and I felt conflicted because it does have that
hint of bitterness. But I realized that the bitterness is because of the manner it is cooked. To lessen the bitterness patrons should add Calamansi and Soy Sauce. Also this is based on the more traditional Sisig.
Sisig this day is more of a derivative of the original recipe and that is what most patrons
know. That is why the bitterness is a bit foreign to them.
Giligan's Beef Kare kare for Kare kare lovers. Not a big fan but I love their bagoong. 

And of course, Filipinos can't enjoy a good meal without Rice. Giligan's signature fried rice
may look ordinary but boy it is tasty. I can say that Giligan's Fried Rice can be included on my list of
favorite fried rice because of its simplicity and taste. I will definitely get an extra order.
Wow, that is one big meal there right. And that is just a fraction of what Giligan's can offer you. There are more choices you can try on this food destination. So visit them in SM Center Angono to try their menu. If you want to know more about Giligan's, visit their official website.

Oh wait, we are not finished. This is just the first stop. So loosen that pants and get ready to our next stop. Want to find out? Then let's go.

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