Dinner Overload at Greenwich Pizzeria

After a very tiring day, it is just right to sometimes reward yourself with a meal fit for somebody with big appetite. The holiday may have left us recharged for a new week, now we are back to reality. So why not go out with your family and have a dinner together. I have the perfect place for you.

I still remember way back during my college years, Greenwich is one of my top pick for my Lunch. Not only they are affordable but the flavors are different from your usual food destination back then. My favorite meal, Wacky Wings!!!

Back then I enjoy it with cups of spanish rice and chili sauce but now it has a better partner in crime. The Pizza fries.

This is the first time I tried Pizza Fries. Basically, it is a pizza flavored french fries. Served with a pizza sauce dip. It is an excellent side for the wacky wings. Definitely better than rice.

I also tried this cheezy bread sticks. It is like a garlic bread combined with melted mozzarella. Garlic bread level up.

They also serve dessert for those who like sweets. This dessert in particular called Choco Banana Crisp is crispy dessert topped with bananas and chocolate syrup. Not bad at all but definitely not my cup of tea. But I guess my friends enjoyed it because they devoured it all hahahaha.

Of course, the whole meal is not complete without the main course. Pizza time!!!

Greenwich sure knows how to make their pizza. This Hawaiian Overloaded Pizza can make me full for the rest of the day. Since it is a dinner, I may have nightmares tonight for being full.

To end this bountyful feast, Greenwich' lemon smoothie is a perfect beverage that can quench not only your thirst but also the scorching heat of summer.

That is one satisfying meal. Will definitely go home happy and craving for more. Didn't got the chance to try some pasta but there is always next time. Will be coming back with my family and barkada to enjoy more pizza (and of course my favorite wacky wings hihihi).

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