Conchiglie on Tomato Sauce and Basil

It is one of those morning when I drive all over my town to grab some snacks. But this morning, I wasn't that lucky. All 7eleven stores are closed due to some pest control maintainance. Amd since I'm on a limited fuel (gas station is a couple of kilometers away and there's a comelec checkpoint), I didn't bother lookong for place to score snacks and just go home.

Of course, I'm still hungry so I checked the pantry for anything. And there an idea just popped. I grabbed my ingredients and tada, here's my midnight treat.

Oh it is so delicious. I used this bottled gourmet tomato sauce with basil from Toronto and some microwaveable Conchiglie pasta. I also added chopped Hotdogs. Love love love it!!! But I guess it will taste better if my ingredients are complete. I don't have onions and garlic. So I will try to cook it again next time with complete ingredients.

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