Birthday Lunch Out @ Joey Pepperoni Pizzaria

Last week office Birthday celebrators treat us for a lunch in a nearby Pizza resto that goes with the name of Joey Pepperoni Pizzeria. The Pioneer branch is located just a couple of blocks away from Robinson Cybergate 3.

We ordered the Joey Pepperoni signature Pizza and Meat Lovers. The girls also ordered some servings of Chicken Parmigiana ( Pomodoro with parmesan melted fried chicken breast), Lotto Appetito (Chicken Fingers, Mozzarella sticks and Roma Tomatoes) and Mozzarella Sticks (breaded Mozzarella).

The interiors are good. Minimal lights works pretty well. Has a perfect blend of Italian and American design. I thought the place is big enough to accommodate casual number of customers but after a couple of minutes more customers are coming and the place is almost out of space. Hmmm it appears they are quite popular here.

But despite the good food and ambiance, we are very turned off with the service which is so slow and unresponsive. My officemate asks one of the crew to add a table for people who are coming after, but the crew ignored us. Then we ordered one last Pizza and it took another 30 minutes (or even more) to cook so we canceled it and demanded them to omit it on the receipt.

Good food and bad service don't mix for me. No matter how good is your serving, it still counts on how you handle customer service to achieve customer satisfaction. And with nothing so special to their menu, I can name more alternative Pizza parlors with better service and better tasting menu than them. And take note, with lower prices.

But despite all the hassle, we had a good time bonding with each other. What a day.


  1. Wow! Kakagutom everytime na nakikita ko mga pictures mo. You may try their promo "Pasta All You Can" for only PhP 150.00

  2. Bad service, indeed! I had to ask for water THRICE with follow-ups from Sabel and Maan. Kaloka.

  3. Yeah I had experienced bad service din sa branch na to, but their Fort branch is ok naman. Their pizza is great though, one of the best I've tasted.

  4. @shivanlord
    May promo pala sila.

    @barbz and @cher
    grabe, ang sikip na nga nung place dedma pa mga crew...hayz.

  5. san po address nito? i'm in pasig

  6. msarap nga yung pizza nila. sayang naman poor customer service pala dyan sa branch na yan. may promo cla na pasta-all-you-can for P150, gusto ko itry naman yon, sa joey pepperoni sa MOA. :)

  7. buti naman service was better when i went :) aba eh solo diner ako grabe na pag di ako pinansin :P