A Fish & Co. Dinner before Movie Night

It was a movie night last week at Greenbelt 3. But since we came too early to the venue, we decided to eat our dinner first. Thanks God I have with me my Fish & Co. GC's and we ate our dinner free (well ohmski needs to add a couple of bucks. His salad is pricey).

I ordered a Chicken Peri Peri meal with two extra seafood rice, yum.

And Ohmski ordered a healthy Ceasar's Salad.

Yummy!!! Makes me wanna eat again in Fish & Co. next time.


  1. hahaha.. naghanap na nga ako ng murang food tapos ung sayo pala ang mahal kaya nag-exceed at nagdagdag pako. lolz

    kebs kung may mag-comment dyan kung bakit tayo lang ang nagmo-movies.