Merienda Madness at SM Center Angono

If you want to have Merienda, what do you want to have? Probably most people will prefer Burgers, Fries, or maybe a slice of pizza or two. But I really want to change things up. Let's go back to basics and also try something off-shore. No fast food for now. Just good old traditional Merienda.

You are with your friends or family and you want to spend an afternoon with good old fashioned merienda. Here's a place in SM Center Angono that serves a menu of familiar staple dishes we enjoy during merienda.

Tita Mae's Kitchen concept is grounded in home cooking. "Tita Mae" represents any Filipino Aunts who like to cook and enjoy quality time with her family. Tita Mae's Kitchen in SM Center Angono is a cozy place found in the 2nd floor that specualizes in serving a Merienda Buffet. They do serve Lunch and Dinner buffet in other branches but this particular branch only focused on Merienda buffet.

Tita Mae's Kitchen's Merienda buffet consist of a combo of noodle dish, 1 pasta and 1 pancit. Now we have Carbonara and Pancit Bihon. In some days they also serve other kinds of Pasta and Pancit. There are also 2 kinds of cake. This day we have a mocha and chocolate. Also included in the menu is Mini Siopaos and for dessert is a delicious Halo Halo and Ice cream.

To be blunt about these dishes, there are nothing special with them. But personally, that what makes these recipes grounded. You will get the lutong bahay vibe and you will indeed think that the food is cooked by your own aunt. The food are not too fancy so the diners wont get intimidated. All diners can do is relax and pig out. Oh did I forgot to mention. This is all for only P149. Good deal right?

I mentioned that they are only serving Merienda buffet in this branch but if you want something heavy for lunch and dinner, Tita Mae's Kitchen also serves Fried Chicken and Sisig.

Ok our next stop is a little bit off-shore. We are going Japanese. Believe it or not this is my first time to try this dish. In the ground floor, Jin-Zai Takoyaki just opened their store.

According to my research and of course with the help of the store manager and staff, Takoyaki is Japanese snack that started its popularity in Osaka. It is a savoury pancake shaped like a ball with fillings like octopus, tempura scraps, ginger, onion and cabbage.

From that concept already, you will already know why people like me never tried it because normally we know pancakes are dessert. But as soon as I tried the dish, I instantly fell in love with it. It is considered for snack but it can actually substitute a whole rice meal. Normally Takoyakis are served in small balls but they have this large variants that can fill you for the rest of the day.

You should definitely visit Jin-Zai and enjoy their delicious Takoyakis.

I know I'm already full but there's a final stop on our crawl. And we are going back again to the basics.

Not everyone can afford to dine in a fast food so the only snack that an ordinary juan can afford is none other than Bread. In every community, there is always a staple bake shop or should I say "Bakery" because it is the only cheap snack that people can enjoy and can fill you for hours.

SM Center Angono now welcomes The Baker Studio to serve mall goers with there delicious bread. But wait, these breads are not your typical bread. They serve elevated versions of your favorite bread. From Ensaymada, Cheese custard bread, Garlic Bread and many more.

Again this are elevated versions of breads you usually buy from your favorite bakeries so they may cost you a little higher but still very affordable.

So are you ready now to have a merienda session? Just drop by SM Center Angono and try the merchants I visited. Happy eating!

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