That Day When Chef Marvin Cooked For Us

Last week, I'm invited to Chef Marvin's contract renewal with Knorr.  Of course part of the event is food tasting.  The online and traditional media are given a treat to try Chef Marvin's numerous specialties of course with the use of Knorr Products. Here is the menu.

Shrimp Flavored Veggie SpringRolls.  If you are on a strict veggie diet, this is definitely for you.
With the help of Knorr  Cubes, this veggie spring roles will taste as good as the real one.

The Classic Menudo, cooked with the use of Knorr Menudo mix. 

Ginataang Crispy Pork.  No more hassle on getting coconut milk straight from fresh coconuts.
With Knorr Ginataang Sitaw at Kalabasa mix, you will get authentic Ginataan taste you need in just seconds.

Grille Fish

Grilled Squid

Grilled Liempo

Sinigang na Bangus Belly

This is my first time to try his cooking and they are really good.  I lost count how many times I went back to the buffet table.  The Ginataang Crispy Pork is definitely on my top choice together with Menudo and the Shrimp Flavored Veggie Spring Rolls.  Two thumbs up for you Chef Marvin.

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