Midnight Foody Chronicles: Omelette ala Jori

Several hours passed after I devoured that Bibingka and here my tummy is hungry again.  And since I don't want to go out to buy food, I think I just need to use any ingredients available in the kitchen.  And with all the ingredients I have, I decided to cook an omelette.

Well what else would I cook with this ingredients hahaha. Obviously I'm doing an omelette.  But unlike most people, I like my omelette with lots of onions.  Yes, I love onions on my omelette.  For me it is yummy :P  I'm totally sold with onions alone but since we have some tomatoes, I took the liberty to add some.  In fact if we have some red bell peppers, that definitely add another interesting flavor to it.

And of course the secret weapon.  I don't use plain salt.  This Seasoning pack is more tastier and I like using it when cooking.

What is good about cooking Omellete is it is fast and easy.  In just minutes you are on the table enjoying your meal. Love it.  Omelette - never gets old.

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