A Goldi-good Day with Judy Ann and Ryan at the Goldilocks Cake City

Ever since my 1st birthday (not that I still recall everything haha), my family (clan) is already an avid patron of Goldilocks.  We all know that Goldilocks has been the no. 1 Cake maker in the Philippines and it is actually a household name for generations.  So it is a treat for Goldilocks to announce the public opening of Goldilocks Cake City facility.

Goldilocks Cake City is a facility located at the Company's Shaw Boulevard Headquarters that will offer a venue for events and parties.  The venue is constructed and designed with kiddie friendly interior and can accommodate a total of 50 (to I believe a maximum of 70) kids with enough space for activities.

Other than the event hall, Cake City of course includes Goldilocks' Cake plant which is now open for scheduled tours for public.  This is perfect for schools who want to know how the ins and outs of Cake making.  Last week together with the press, we are given a chance to experience that tour with Goldilocks' brand ambassadors Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo as tour guides.

It is an exciting tour to say the least and it is my first time to see a cake factory.  With this tour I found out cool things like Egg cracking process has its own room and they actually use a lot of it everyday.  I forgot the exact numbers but I know it is a lot.  It is also a treat to see how the cakes are being prepared.  I remember when we reached this specific room where this worker is spreading chocolate icing to a whole cake.  Definitely heaven!

It is a fast but nonetheless very informative tour.  Thumbs up to Judy Ann and Ryan because as ambassadors they really know what they are saying.  Though experts joins us to answer some more technical questions, Judy Ann and Ryan is more happy to answer us themselves.  This proves how effective both of them as a brand ambassadors and endorsers.

After the factory tour, we are now escorted to the events hall for the Cake demo where Goldilocks will unveil a new cake created by none other than Judy Ann Santos.

The press gathered around her as she prepares her Cake Creation called Chocolate Peanut butter Banana Supreme.  Though not majorly trained as a pastry chef, she effortlessly glided through the process.  Her Natural skill in kitchen is greatly highlighted as she finishes the cake after just several minutes.

Of course we got the chance to taste it and it is definitely perfection.

Goldilocks may have acquired a lot of competitors through the years, still they are the Cake makers that build generations of Filipino family.  So I will be happy to come back where my childhood starts and celebrate special occasions in the Cake City.

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