Officially Back from the Dead


After 5 posts, now I'm officially announcing the return of my food blog. I waited for 5 posts before I announce it because I want to be sure that this is not just a temporary drive.  But it seems that I'm enjoying food blogging once again.  Well I have to thank Instagram for that haha. I stopped last 2009 because of a pledge on fitness.  After 3 years, now I'm back on food blogging.  Though again, I want to emphasize that I'm not writing any technical infos about food.  This is just for pure fun and enjoyment.

So for now, all I need are link exchange. So to my fellow food bloggers please drop a comment or email me your links so I can include you on my blogroll.  Of course all you have to do is include my link to yours.  Thanks and happy eating to everyone :)

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