Tomguts si Jori: Gastronomic Adventures of an Artist Blogger

Who does not enjoy eating? I believe eating is the most sensational and most enjoyable activity ever created in human history and it's even considered as a necessity than luxury because through eating we get the nutrition we need to survive in this planet. We can't ever say that we don't need to eat because we BADLY need it.

Whenever I'm stressed or got pissed of something, a bite or two of my favorite merienda will return me back to my working aura. An afternoon hangout with friends is not complete without a couple of bottles of Beer and servings of Sizzling Sisig and deep fried Calamares from nearby grill resto. My best friend's birthday can't be celebrated without our favorite Chocolate Cake and "Dalawang Bilaong Pancit Malabon". And lastly a special night with somebody equally special to my heart requires some bottle of wine over a candle light dinner.

See, We can't escape it. It is written. It is our fate.

So here, after countless deliberation, asking for opinions and signs from the cosmos. Here I am, introducing to everyone a new Blog to join the whole line of JORIBEN.COM blogs. "Tomguts si Jori" is an informal food blog created mainly to chronicle my food adventures.

Informal in a way that I will not be so technical about nutritional values (I'm not a nutritionist) or the procedural way of making it (I'm not a cook). The Blog is pure Gastronomical fun. The blog will feature random moments of my life including events and special occasions that will be presented with Photos or videos. The blog will also contain press releases provided by sponsors as well as rants on inappropriate food preperation and establishment services including personnel misconducts.

And off course I also want to make a dedicated blog for food related posts since I'm always invited to food events.

So ready those spoon and fork and keep those knives sharp, because its gonna be a bumpy ride. Tomguts na si Jori, so you already know what to prepare hahahahaha.

Happy Eating.


  1. That fruit platter looks yummy! I'm going to make a mental note not to look at your blog when I'm hungry. hahaha

  2. @cher hahaaha that's the purpose of the blog.

  3. payat k ata dun sa pic mo kasama mga hipon. lolz