Brownie Mug ala Jori

I've been attempting to make a mug brownie for ages and at last I nailed it. Baking is not really for me, but I just need to do this for me hihihi. Will be modifying this recipe with other flavors, I'm sure I can conjure some tasty treats in the future.

Fishballs and Kikiam for Merienda

Nothing can beat traditional comfort street foods. They are the gems of local culture that I really hope will never fade despite the modernization of our nation. Nagbago man ang panlasa ng pinoy dahil sa mga nagpasukang mga banyagang kusinero, sana we will not forget our very own Fishballs and kikiams.

Sana bukas daan ulit si Manong.

Dinner Overload at Greenwich Pizzeria

After a very tiring day, it is just right to sometimes reward yourself with a meal fit for somebody with big appetite. The holiday may have left us recharged for a new week, now we are back to reality. So why not go out with your family and have a dinner together. I have the perfect place for you.

I still remember way back during my college years, Greenwich is one of my top pick for my Lunch. Not only they are affordable but the flavors are different from your usual food destination back then. My favorite meal, Wacky Wings!!!

Conchiglie on Tomato Sauce and Basil

It is one of those morning when I drive all over my town to grab some snacks. But this morning, I wasn't that lucky. All 7eleven stores are closed due to some pest control maintainance. Amd since I'm on a limited fuel (gas station is a couple of kilometers away and there's a comelec checkpoint), I didn't bother lookong for place to score snacks and just go home.

Of course, I'm still hungry so I checked the pantry for anything. And there an idea just popped. I grabbed my ingredients and tada, here's my midnight treat.

Oh it is so delicious. I used this bottled gourmet tomato sauce with basil from Toronto and some microwaveable Conchiglie pasta. I also added chopped Hotdogs. Love love love it!!! But I guess it will taste better if my ingredients are complete. I don't have onions and garlic. So I will try to cook it again next time with complete ingredients.

Chicken Veggie Rice

Guest what? Another random rice meal with chopped vegies and leftover Steamed White Chicken from King Bee. Yum yum lunch.