Carbo Loading with Dunkin Donuts and Don's Original Spanish Churros

It's that time once again for another food adventure in Rizal. This time we will be treated for another food trip but this time it is a bit far from home. It is a good 1 hour drive from Angono but SM City Masinag is a huge surprise for people with big appetite like me. So that is a very tiring trip so we need to replace the energy we used so what's a good place to pack up on carbs but Donuts, Sandwich and Churros.

SM Center Angono Food Crawl: Sisig Hooray

After that big meal in Giligan's we are treated to another awesome foodie destination that offers something the we already tried. Yes we already tried a Sisig dish from Giligan's but the next stop will be something a bit more special. Because this time we will be indulging in an evolved form of the classic pork dish.

SM Center Angono Food Crawl: Giligan's

It's weekend again. It is that time of the week when family and friends get together for some honest to goodness quality time and some food trip. And if you are from this part of the east, it is pleasure that finally we don't need to go and travel to the city just to enjoy some awesome meals we only experience around the metro.

Last week, together with some blogger and media friends. We are fortunate enough to be treated on a food crawl in SM Center Angono to experience new food establishments that will surely satisfy your cravings. Here is our first stop, Giligan's.

Don't be fooled by the name. It may sound foreign, but this themed restaurant serves us some of the tastiest Filipino food from Calderata, Sisig, Kare Kare and Litsong Kawali to name a few.

Brownie Mug ala Jori

I've been attempting to make a mug brownie for ages and at last I nailed it. Baking is not really for me, but I just need to do this for me hihihi. Will be modifying this recipe with other flavors, I'm sure I can conjure some tasty treats in the future.

Fishballs and Kikiam for Merienda

Nothing can beat traditional comfort street foods. They are the gems of local culture that I really hope will never fade despite the modernization of our nation. Nagbago man ang panlasa ng pinoy dahil sa mga nagpasukang mga banyagang kusinero, sana we will not forget our very own Fishballs and kikiams.

Sana bukas daan ulit si Manong.